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Meet the owners

Meet the owners

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Ms. Joanna and Mr. Anthony is a couple of young people with deep knowledge of their subject. Apart from the special love for what they do, which is pervasive, they have corresponding studies and many years of experience, being able to assess and meet, as much as possible, your real needs. Their reputation to approach and communicate at every level with charismatic people makes them an informal attraction for the region.

Being humble in nature, you will never hear them boast nor particularly attracted to material possessions. They are however particularly proud of the guests who chose to "invest" in an effort called Cavo Petra; this is an investment not only in economic terms but also in terms of time. As they characteristically say: " It is not improbable where someone is walking, to accidentally find a small or larger amount of money. But it is absolutely impossible to be given or receive time in the past, a trip with our loved ones that we so much wanted to do but this we have to redeem at a price that suits us."

For us you are not a customer yet; faceless numbers or statistics. You are people with feelings and needs that we try to satisfy as far as possible. It is a mutually profitable cooperation and acquaintance. And yes, you are always right!

Moreover you selected Cavo Petra for your holidays!


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