Methana, GR

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Ms. Joanna and Mr. Anthony is a couple of young people with deep knowledge of their subject. Apart from the special love for what they do, which is pervasive, they have corresponding studies and many years of experience, being able to assess and meet, as much as possible, your real needs. Their reputation to approach and communicate at every level with charismatic people makes them an informal attraction for the region.

Being humble in nature, you will never hear them boast nor particularly attracted to material possessions. They are however particularly proud of the guests who chose to "invest" in an effort called Cavo Petra; this is an investment not only in economic terms but also in terms of time. As they characteristically say: " It is not improbable where someone is walking, to accidentally find a small or larger amount of money. But it is absolutely impossible to be given or receive time in the past, a trip with our loved ones that we so much wanted to do but this we have to redeem at a price that suits us."

For us you are not a customer yet; faceless numbers or statistics. You are people with feelings and needs that we try to satisfy as far as possible. It is a mutually profitable cooperation and acquaintance. And yes, you are always right!

Moreover you selected Cavo Petra for your holidays!


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Methana although located very close to Athens is considered as a rare natural ecological treasure where even today manages to oppose against anarchy and violence, offering only the good in conscientious sightseers and not in commercialized tourists!

The volcanic peninsula of Methana offered for qualitative and cheap holidays all year round. And as many days to spend on this part shall not be bored because it offers many and spotless sea rich in fish for high quality gastronomic delights in the scattered restaurants! If you like walking in nature combined with panoramic views of the Saronic, Methana is exactly what you need.The northeast side of the peninsula presents the most interesting, because apart from the crystal beaches trails start astounding beauty that leads ecstatic volcano of Methana!

For relaxation visit the thermal baths, which are and have been known since antiquity for its effective results in soul and body. Ancient writings of Pausanias, Ovid and his Stravonas certify their reputation for a thousand years. It is no coincidence that the spas of Methana among the most important spas of the world map sat contain valuable ingredients in large proportions and enormous therapeutic importance for the human life!

scuba-dive-the-world Very good experience as walking through a well-maintained trail from Cavo Petra until Agios Theodoros and blister, picturesque villages with beautiful views. Do not be surprised if you encounter along the way this frisky fox cub hawk staring you from above!

The hiking Ascent volcano is a sine qua non if you want to take unique photographs and test your physical strength. The journey takes about half an hour on trails of moderate difficulty. From the top of the crater lying you can if you want to continue another half an hour and get off at Krasopanagia, where in the summer you will enjoy your swim in crystal clear waters and lush!

If you like driving in nature, you can visit the wetland Psiftas (20 'from Cavo Petra) where you can admire the aquatic fauna and swim to the nearby beach that it "looks" to Epidaurus. From Psifta is very close and the famous Diavologefyro in Troezen, place of origin of Theseus, where you can see the small waterfalls supplies water to the wealthy valley.

If you choose to come by your boat will get free tethering on the picturesque harbor of St. George. Ep will have the privilege to make daily cruises to nearby islands of Saronic In just 15-25 minutes from the Cavo Petra to Agistri, Aegina and Poros!

volcano methana Do not forget to experience the underwater life that exists in the crystal clear waters of Methana, either for diving, to fishing!

The sporty types what will defuse their energies either strolling on mountain bikes, or in well-maintained basketball and tennis courts present in methane. Even the most demanding requirements can simply go a walk with Iceberg, the purebred Siberian Husky of Cavo Petra that needs 30-40 miles off course to avoid numb!
If you are tired in the whole idea of the Iceberg, the Cavo Petra possess persuaded multi lucky backgammon!


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saronic methana 2Between Attica and the north-eastern coast of the Peloponnese, is a beautiful group of islands of the Saronic Gulf. Is the geographical area that includes the Saronic Gulf, the Gulf of Argolis Argolis and the south coast.

Agistri, Aegina, Poros, Methana, Salamina, Spetses and Hydra. The Saronic islands have been inhabited since prehistoric times and gradually experienced a great development in the areas of shipping and commerce while particularly crucial was the offer in the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The wonderful sights, clean beaches with blue waters, scenic coves, lush vegetation, beautiful fishing villages with distinctive architecture and ancient monuments attract and enchant visitors.

Historically the Argosaronikos was one of the main tourist destinations of the inhabitants of Attica. The beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and beautiful bays compose the wonderful natural environment of the entire periochis.To imposing volcano of Methana is situated in the center of the Saronic Gulf thus making the approach to other islands in the Saronic quickly and easily. 


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Step away from all those distractions you are assaulted with every day

Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been

Become stronger mentally and find inner peace A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

We do have "our way" to make you smile and sometimes... burst into laughters !

We offer with our heart a part of our incomings to the Frontida Foundation in Athens.


For those of you who are looking for not just an alternative destination but a personalized travel experience, Cavo Petra is the right choice! Here you will enjoy services, products and services which no other tourist package can offer you. Cavo Petra and mass tourism are concepts that are diametrically opposed. Whether you choose to savor an authentic espresso coffee, or fresh smoothies with local volcanic aloe vera from our organic cultivation, you will enjoy the company of high-level visitors who avoid the crowds for obvious reasons.

Prepare to experience personally the authentic Greek hospitality in an environment of great natural beauty where agrotourism meets innovation! What will you choose this year?

A simple "room" or the vacation experience you deserve?

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wine c2In our accommodation, you can get outside of the handmade soaps produced, traditional products such as:

  • Containerized green olive oil 5 lt, 17 lt.
  • Olives Cooked methanes in seawater.
  • White wine, rosé, sweet on bottles 1,5 lt.
  • Trahanas Sweet with 100% goat milk.
  • Handmade sugar-free jams and preserves homemade cakes at cost.
  • Double-baked dried figs in the oven.





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